Gypsy Links

App Store  Download Gypsy Cards for free. For your iPhone and iPod Touch 3.1

Amazon  Our #1 Sponsor. What will the keywords "Gypsy" and "Cards" bring out on Amazon? You'll never now... give it a try! :)

Aminet.Net  YES! You can still download the Amiga 1993 version on Aminet. While supplies last :)

Amiga Emulators  In order to run the Amiga version of Gypsy Cards, you need to get the Amiga emulator first!

Gypsy Cards Fan Page  Visit us and be a friend of the "Gypsy Cards" Facebook page.

TheGypsyCards Channel  See some retro Gypsy Cards videos on YouTube.

Unity3d  This is by far the best multiplatform 3d engine. Gypsy Cards was created with this. If you have projects in Java, you'll find it easy to migrate to mono C#.

Unity Game Development Essentials  This book is a complete exercise in game development covering environments, physics, sound, particles, and much more, to get you up and working with Unity quickly.

Daz 3D  This is a good excuse to play again with Barbies or GI Joes... virtually. Dress and pose 3d human models. You can see in Gypsy Cards how these models were used.

The Games Factory 2  The only reason I didnt created the iPhone version with this is the lack of iPhone support. Other than that, this is THE official Game Creation software everyone else wants to imitate. From


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